I was in the boat
Deeply wounded by the great flood
Why the people are crying in the boat?
I could see a lot of people
Weeping near my side.
A grandma sat near my seat
With her Himalayan bag.
Her face seemed so heavy,
“Hey …don’t worry mama…”
“What can I do for you?”
I tried to comfort her.
But She looked at me with a different eye
I came back to my seat with a dejected feeling.
I looked at the people inside
They also had a bad feeling to that old lady
“Hey ..Boy come here…” that was her command.
I slowly walked to her side
“Take my umbrella from this bag”
Oh..That was her huge bag.
“Where are you going with this military bag..?”
“What is in it?”
I asked myself
No courage to debate with her
She gave me a disturbing gaze
I can hear her voice.
“Hey boy ..You are useless”
She took her bag and went with fury
The bag collapsed in the middle of the boat
Due to her pressure,
Why are you laughing..?
Oh I can’t believe this
All people are happy now
They forgot the flood by seeing this.
Fresh chicken eggs running from the bag
The old lady is trying to collect it from the boat
What an easy way to know the real human nature
We are nothing but simple comedy.
Just laugh… Just laugh…
Life is a comedy.

Rajeev Joseph Palakkacherry
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